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Honored war veterans. Survivors of the Great Depression. Grandmothers who know how to darn a sock and bake the perfect apple pie. These people have lived the history we learned about in school -- and these are the people you can meet while working as a nursing home volunteer.

Nursgroup, volunteersing homes don't exactly have a reputation for being fun places to visit. But this is an unfair stigma. The title "nursing home" correctly implies that the people who live in these homes will be provided with a nurse's care, but nurses aren't the only caregivers. Besides the obvious medical care, elders also enjoy all sorts of activities to keep their minds healthy and their lives fulfilling. These activities come in the form of games, outings, special events and many others - and this is where the fun comes in and volunteers are needed.

Nursing homes rely on volunteers to interact with elders in a variety of fun activities. They need volunteers to provide company for elders, assist in hosting dances, card games, crafts, and bingo. Activities run by volunteers are an integral part of bringing the feeling of home to our long-term care neighborhoods. 

If you have an outgoing personality and enjoy interacting with people a generation or two older than yourself, you might try volunteering in a nursing home. Youth volunteers, retired baby boomers, and everyone in between are all welcome to join the HealthCare Center group of volunteers.

What Do I Need to Do Next?

Call 719-456-1340 to visit with the Activities Manager about volunteer opportunities. A short application is required and a background check will be performed.

Adult Volunteer Application

Youth Volunteer Application

A Few Statistics

  • The number of adults in America over the age of 65 has increased 11 times since 1900 (from 3.1 million to 34.4 million).
  • 1 in 8 Americans is over the age of 65.
  • By 2030 the number of Americans over age 65 is predicted to double – to over 70 million.

Opportunities Available

  • BINGO snacks or callers
  • Reading with elders
  • Pet therapy
  • Music activities
  • Crafts of all sorts
  • Mending and sewing
  • Taking walks with elders
  • Gardening upkeep and activities
  • Cooking group
  • Games of all sorts
  • Any special talent or interest of volunteer is considered

"I've been lots of places and right here in this place in Las Animas is the best staff I have seen anywhere. They have infinite patience."
~Franny Cook, elder